Comments from previous participants

The course was fantastic. I really did have reservations and resistance to attending but by golly I am so glad I did. It has made such a difference to me and how I feel about using counselling skills. Thank you so much.”


“Empowering and life-changing; new skills learnt to facilitate more effective and patient centred diabetes care based on patient needs and not my wish to ‘fix the problem’.”


“Really found this course thought provoking. The facilitators were excellent and really did their best to make me feel at ease.”


“When I applied for the course I had some idea about what I wanted to learn. The course was as I hoped it would be and more. I learnt a bit about counselling and a lot about me.”


“I found the course excellent/very useful. Vital for health care practitioners caring for people with diabetes. Should be part of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse competencies.”


“Very enjoyable and interesting course. Life-changing from my perspective both personally and professionally.”


“Very warm welcoming atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed the course which surpassed my expectations.

Thank you all “😊


“Fabulous course, absolutely loved it. I really hope this has given me enough tools and self-awareness to change my practice.”


“Despite my initial resistance I really enjoyed the course. The quirkiness of the venue and the countryside helped to focus my learning. I look forward to trying my skills out in practice.

Real play rather than role play was also invaluable.”


“Many thanks for an excellent life-enhancing experience”


“An exceptional experience. I will carry what I have learned with me throughout my career. Has sparked an interest in psychology”


“I enjoyed this course, without feeling overwhelmed by all the knowledge, thoroughly and certainly hope to revisit this in 3 years again”


“Best course I have done. So valuable to my practice”


“A great experience, thank you.”


Thank you all so much. I have loved this course and learned so much Loved it! Thank you!